All we know about The Revenant…

Welcome back Leo,


The Revenant

Comes out on Christmas

Plot: It’s a 19th century western, whereas the main character Hugh Glass, is mauled by a bear.

Left for dead, and robbed by his friends, he survives and seeks revenge.

Coming straight off the heels of one my favorite movies “Birdman”,


Filmmaker Alejandro G. Inarritu brings us into a very different world from Birdman’s quirky humor.

I doubt they’ll be any humor at all in The Revenant, plus it combines Leo and violence once again, in a viseral and grimy way.

I’m hoping that this and the coupling of Tarinto’s new movie ‘The Hateful Eight’ brings us some of the most satisfying violent films of Xmas.

It seems that this story is based off a unpublished manuscript by man named Michael Punke.

How it ended up in  development hell for over 10 years, is another mystery.

There’s a 70’s movie named “Man in the Wilderness” that is also based on the Hugh Glass story.

Turns out, Hugh Glass was a real guy, and the bear mauling story was also true.

He surprised a Grizzly bear mother, and suffered wounds so bad, his friends began digging his grave before he was even dead. Hugh managed to kill the bear only to find himself abandoned by his friends.

Some events from the story is super gruesome, stating that the attack left his ribs exposed from the flesh tore off by the bear, who fed the flesh to her cubs. As well as, Hugh placing his back on a rotting log to let maggots eat the dead flesh to avoid gangrene.

Jesus Christ…is it Xmas yet?


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