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Vape Chronicles 9: The Future of Vaping

FDA is stepping in to “regulate” vaping across the board. Aside from the obvious Big Tobacco statement with their BluCig products being sold in every store, the government has been stepping in to enact some changes. It’s a well known fact that most vapers hate the BluCig with a passion, and all vote in favor Read More …

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Vape Chronicles – Part 4 – Steeping, Breathing, and Streathing

This installment is about a process for e-juice called “Steeping“, “Breathing”, and “Streathing” After looking into e-juice, and seeing people with their own recipes and concoctions, numerous forums and companies appeared. Different opinions on nicotine amounts, gourmet e-juice, which is the best etc. I stumbled upon some interesting techniques in getting the most of that Read More …

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