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Netflix Subgenres

Netflix has hundreds of subgenera hidden within itself. Here’s a way to unlock them all   Log into Netflix, click on genres, and then in the URL change the digits to these and have a fucking ball. I did this last night and ended up watching “WolfCop”. That’s right…WolfCop my ninja. Gives a whole new Read More …

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5TB external hard drive for $139.99

Seagate Expansion 5TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive STBV5000100   Instantly add 5 TB of storage space to your computer Simple plug-and-play connectivity via USB cable Power supply and USB 3.0 cable included USB 3.0 interface for extremely fast data transfer speed Courtesy of NewEgg. Click HERE to buy.  

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All we know about…Windows 10

What does Windows 10, and Cortana have in common? A hotter Siri perhaps?   Ok, let’s start from the beginning All we know about Windows 10… It’s not surprise that Windows 8 was a bit of a dud, and a obvious statement that Microsoft was nervous about Apple’s seamless interface/touch screen ability. Plus, no Start button? Read More …

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