All we know about the Ghost in the Shell remake

Classic Anime turned to Hollywood blockbuster. Starring Scarlett Jo?

You heard right, and apparently it’s being filmed by DreamWorks. Starring Scarlett Johnason as Major Motoko Kusanagi? Wait?

Let’s start from the beginning. We have a amazing story, anime film, manga on our hands. Ghost in the Shell is equally as important as Akira, Vampire Hunter D, etc. to the anime community

Manga started in 89, and the mindlowing anime film premiered in 95. So 20 years later, it finds itself on the silver screen. I’m a fan of this anime, but in today’s time, I can see the backlash coming. You have a big budget sci-fi movie, set in Japan, with Japanese characters, however, the star is clearly white, and American.

Not to mention how horrible the anime remakes become once America get’s it’s capitalist hands on it. Remember the Dragonball Z movie (Ruined it for everybody) Dragonball Evolution? Evolution my ass.

Well at least Goku and Bulma moved on to Shameless. Anyways…

Not only have we seen America butcher out anime classics, but the race issue is hot and bothered right now. Think about the backlash from Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings. (I boycotted, but still mad I missed it) featuring Christian Bale as Moses. Despite being overlooked in America for political reasons, it was a smash overseas, raking in 200+ million.

It further proves the marginalization of Hollywood lead roles. I’m sure Devon Aoki could’ve played Kusanagi, but would the budget be big enough to truly blow us away visually. I mean, if shot well, in IMAX, Ghost in the Shell has the potential to be a masterpiece.

So, basically, no big star to put people in the seats, no big budget needed to create the visually stunning world of Ghost in the Shell. And the FX have to be great, considering the heavy Sci-fi theme here. Supposedly, ScarJo was offered 10 million. I’m thinking the budget could easily be at 100 million.

We’ve seen it in Ronin 47, Japanese movie, American actor, even The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise rubbed people the wrong way. But fuck all that, it’s about the anime community. I’m a die hard anime fan, and we will not sit idle while they butcher the great story by Masamune Shirow. We dont care who plays her, just make the movie good, make the script good, make the visuals good. Dont give us another Dragonball Evolution, and we’ll love you for it.

Keep that in mind Hollywood, in case Attack on Titan starts knocking on your door.

Not too sure about director Rupert Sanders directing this, but stranger things have happened. Besides him screwing Kristen Stewart of course. I mean Guardians of the Galaxy was a phenomenon and it was directed by James Gunn. Right, who? The guy who directed the Scooby Doo movies, and Slither. Shit, Jon Favreau did Iron Man, did anyone even know he could direct at all?

So, not too worried on that side, just leave Dragonball Evolution notes back home, and give us something to talk about

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