Vape Chronicles 10: Me, My Vape, and I

Vape Chronicles 10 MotherF*#@! (Rick’s voice from Rick and Morty)



Personal testimony from the vape community:


22 years old, African American male.  Like most people around my age,  I too felt the deadly grip of cigarettes. Now I no longer feel that grip anymore.  I feel free,  I vape. Vapor ingredients normally contain four things.  Propylene glycol, vegetable-glycerine, nicotine,  and flavoring. These chemicals are a lot less harmful than the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes. Not only is vaping an alternative to smoking, but it is a deep hobby itself.

From custom builds to creating your own flavors.  You can have as much control and customization you want.  Right now I am still a beginner, so my build is a fairly simple one, but my build will get better and better. The current build I’m running is a RTA Aspire Atlantis, with the Innokin Cool Fire IV digital box mod. Goes to a max of 40 watts or 7 volts.

For E-juice, my favorite brand and flavor is Long Horn Vapor Co’s “Texas Fair”. Based on how much you smoke, you can tailor the nicotine amount that suits you. I currently use 8% nicotine in the e-juice that I buy. Vaping is a very fun and interesting hobby,  that can get very in-depth. One fascinating I found in vaping is called “cloud chasing”. It’s when you try to produce as much clouds as possible.


A lot of factors plays into “cloud chasing”. From the many components in your build to what kind of e-juice you are using.  There’s something for everyone.  As I begin to dive head first into vaping,  I will expand my knowledge and share it with you.


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