Vape Chronicles 7: Vaping for the Holidays


Welcome back vapes

This edition of Vape Chronicles covers some of the best reviewed vapors out, which is the perfect gift for the holidays

Also a small glimpse into Desktop Vapors as well


1) DaVinci Ascent


– All Glass Vapor

– Digital Temp Guage

– Combines both loose-leaf vape (PAX) and concentrates as well

– The Mouth Piece is retractable from the top

– But be warned, it can get real sticky with bubble hash, or e-liquids

– Price: $250. Source:

2) Firewood 2.1


– Loose leaf vape

– Can do wax

– Designed with beautiful wood, in a box shape

– Comes in Finished Maple, Unfinished Maple, Finished Walnut, etc

– Glass mouth piece

– Price $95-135

– Source:

– See Video below for all the information:

3) VS Pro Series 3


– This one just may the best out of all of them

– Both a dry vape, and can handle both concentrates and e-liquids

– Does this by using two different cartridges depending on what you’re vaping on

– However, Wax cartridges aren’t available just yet

– Supposedly they’ll be available ASAP. (Website says November, but they’re on sale yet)

– For just e-liquids alone, the price is at $70

– With the added loose-leaf cartridge, or dry vape (PAX) it’s a extra $25

– Overall $95 (Well worth it)

– Source:

– See video below for more information:

4) INHALATER INH-05 Portable Vaporizer


– Vaporizes herbs, oils, and concentrates

– Amazing design, very light, easy to hold

– Interchangeable batteries

– Adjustable temperature

– Very state of the art technology involved with the cartridges

– See below for yourself

– Source:

– Price: $249



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