Vape Chronicles 9: The Future of Vaping

FDA is stepping in to “regulate” vaping across the board.


Aside from the obvious Big Tobacco statement with their BluCig products being sold in every store, the government has been stepping in to enact some changes.

It’s a well known fact that most vapers hate the BluCig with a passion, and all vote in favor for the mods, DIY, and great online 2nd generation vapes that are, well, pretty fucking amazing.

Supposedly the manufacturing of e-liquids is largely unregulated. Legislation approved by the Senate of some states would impose bottling, and labeling requirements. Including child safety-locks (There is a report of a child dying from drinking a nicotine-infused e-liquid) and in Indiana, a ‘5 year service agreement with government approved security, and 24 hour remote video surveillance. The Indiana Bill has been called House Bill 1432.

The new requirements are too costly and will force some vape shop owners to close down. Members of the Mercer County Health Dept. who voted unanimously to consider amending the county ‘Clean Indoor Air Regulation’ to include e-cigs and electronic nicotine devices. The devices would not be allowed in the same public places where smoking is now prohibited. This goes further than just restaurants and public places, whereas even vape stores may not be added to the list where smoking isn’t regulated. They’re even throwing in hotel/motel rooms as well.

The common rebuttal from vaping enthusiast is that the chemical ‘nicotine’ itself is not actually harmful, but the chemicals from smoke is where the damage comes from, despite not having much scientific data on the long-term effects of vaping.

Big tobacco are trying to stop the 2nd generation vaping mods, cloud competitions etc, if they’re able to only legalize the BluCig across the board. And while they’ve been actively changing up the BluCig, allowing bigger pulls and different flavors, it still falls WAY flat compared to the mods out there in the shops.


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