Vape Chronicles Part 1: Welcome to Vaping


Vape Chronicles Part one:

Here we are going to discuss all the information we know about this phenomenon called e-cigs, or vapor pens. The community of people know as vapers. First thing is the ejuice that’s inside the vape pens.

What is causing the vapors?

The Liquid eJuice is composed of the following:

– Propylene glycol (PG)

– Vegetable glycerine (VG)

– Nicotine (in mg/ml: ranging from 0-36)

– Flavourings (e.g. tobacco, mint, fruit)

– As well as enjoying the vaping experiencing without the nicotine as well

When did e-cig/vaping start?

– It was introduced in the Chinese Market in 2004 and Europe in 2006.

– Since then the market in the UK has increased from 2 to 12% in  the past 2 years, and rapidly growing

– Estimated 1.3m current e-cig users in the UK

– Production mainly in China but distributed under various brand names across the world

– Big Tobacco companies are also making e-cigs as well.

Who uses them?

– Mostly Male (65%-70%)

– Caucasian

– Educated

– Former Smokers

– 72% of users are on the second generation e-cigs, also know as (vape pens)

Second Generation – Vape Pen


Also, 9% of people build their own Second-Generation vape pen as well.


More to come in Vape Chronicles vol.2.

Referenced from:

A public lecture from Dr. Lynne Dawkins. July 2013



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