Vape Chronicles – Part 2: Basic Information

Welcome back to Vapor Chronicles. In this edition we’re going to provide some more information into the Vaping phenomenon.


1) First  thing up is Vapers Tounge, also known as Vapers Fatigue

– It is known as the inability to taste the flavor provided from the ejuice. Widely known to be associated with the tongue, hence the name Vapers tongue, is actually caused by your Olfactory system. It is located at the top of your nasal passages. Usually occurs from prolonged exposure and causes you to be unable of distinguishing the taste.

– Taste buds are a factor for those who quit smoking cigarettes and have committed to only vaping. Your taste buds will change throughout this transition, the estimated time is different for everyone. Some senses can also be overloaded and have to recuperate.

The cure for Vapers Tounge, AKA Vapers Fatigue?

– Wait it out

– Vaping will dehydrate you. Has been known as the only main side-effect. Drink plenty of water

2) Second on the agenda is regulation.

– 4 states have banned smoking e-cigarettes indoors. Utah, New Jersey, Dakota, and Oklahoma. I live in NJ, and have not noticed a ban on indoor vaping at all. However, there is a case of a man who claimed that his credit card wasn’t honored when trying to purchase vaping equipment from a vapor shop website. He received his bank card from the Bank of Oklahoma and was told that a new legislation was passed and credit cards cannot be used to purchase them. Which is heavy because many of sales is through online websites. In the case of Oklahoma, he may need to try converting to a different currency, such as bitcoins.

*Danger report: In 2012 a man named Tom Holloway, 57, from Niceville, Florida was severly injured when a e-cig exploded in his mouth. The explosion, described as sounding like a firecracker, knocked out all of his teeth and part of his tounge. He had been using e-cigs as way to quit smoking cigarettes*

3) A new trick on the horizon. Vape Tornado. 

Stay tuned for Vape Chronicles Part 3.

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