Vape Chronicles – Part 3: Trying to quit cigarettes


Welcome back to Vape Chronicles. This is the third installment. First up is about the people concerned with quitting cigarettes altogether and using vaping to do it

1) Complete alternative to cigarette smoking

– Some users will vape during their quitting process to avoid the withdrawal symptoms and avoid relapse

– It is reported that Vaping is in fact healthier than Cigarette smoking, despite rumors of it being just as bad for your lungs. Many sites and videos have displayed X-rays of smokers who switched to vaping completely and the evidence does show a more healed, and healthier lung capacity

– The amount of people deciding to completely quit has spiked massively since 2012, doubling if not tripling in size

– Even though vaping does reduce the craving, it’s still not replacing the cigarette smoke feeling

– The users will still go through all the withdrawal symptoms regardless, unless they decide to put nicotine in their tanks, which varies in levels

2) Nicotine 

– Ironically, it is not the Nicotine itself that’s particularly unhealthy, but the burning of the cigarette which causes the carbon monoxide and tar to get in your lungs that is the catalyst for many health related issues

– Mainly why NRT (Nicotine Replacement Treatment) was invented in the first place

– The reason why many NRT programs are unsuccessful is because the smokers trying to quit are unable to control the amount of nicotine they receive when it’s in a gum or patch form

– Fingertip response is CRITICAL to user’s intake of nicotine, and a high factor of why cold turkey fails often. Users miss the habit altogether

– The way the user smokes cannot be replaced with NRT

3) Nicotine Dosage Dangers

– It’s reported that 30mg of Nicotine can kill you. A lethal dose

– So, if someone purposely, or accidentally, swallows a ejuice bottle with nicotine in it, the health risk can be extremely high. Perhaps if the tank is filled improperly and the user ingest it by accident can cause sickness

*Danger report: A 2 year old girl in Israel drank ejuice that was nicotine filled and died from acute nicotine intoxication*

4) People who quit smoking cigarettes and only vape, Vape about 20+ times a day

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