Vape Chronicles – Part 5. – Cloud Competition

Hello, welcome back to Vape Chronicles. This time around we’re putting a closer look on the cloud competitions growing within the Vaping community.

One of the most recent took place at The Vape Town in Woodland Hill, CA. First place left with $500, and a King mod.

Check out how they were measuring the length

ICC 13

Also the competitors had to assemble their custom piece ¬†within 10 minutes. They were all provided with the ejuice “Praline Dream”. This ejuice was sponsored by Ballistic Vape.

Click the name to check out their website.

NOW back to my side of the country. New Jersey had a competition as well, The Jersey Devil Vapors Vaping Cloud Competition.

Check them out as well by click their name. Jersey Devil, located in Waretown, NJ. Never even heard of that town until now. They have custom mods, and can build them for you.

The term CHASING CLOUDS has been associated with producing the biggest cloud possible. The cloud is enhanced by the coils within the tank. I have some info on it, but the jargon is way over my head. Jargon = Slang. Maybe the next installment will be breaking down the terms to our level. But here’s how the lingo looks when it comes to cloud chasing

I used 26g 4 wraps on 1.5mm. Fiddled with the cotton plenty to make sure there was plenty of airflow. I ended with with .2 ohms but holy crap I was amazed with the vapor production. Thanks for the tips Danimal. I believe the $100 prize is as good as mine.¬†24g would be even better if you have some like dphu626 said but it will be hotter, remember to keep your drag under controll a longer drag just gives the vape time to disipate in your lungs, so inhale hard for like 3-4 seconds tops and exhale steadly”



One of the Jersey Devil videos went viral as well, I didn’t post it. It’s roughly 31 minutes long.


Click Here

However here’s short sweet and simple one for you

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