Vape Chronicles – Part 6. Best Mods of 2014

I’ve searched and searched for some of the most artistic, genuinely amazing pieces of Vape mods online. From how it hits, to the look, to the interchangeable pieces of the Vape. Below is a list of some of the most popular and unique mods for vapes to come out this year

1) Steampunk Mod by Vent 69

Steampunk Mod by Vent69 - Steampunk cool e-cig mod

Made From Copper. Variable Voltage. Prices aren’t disclosed. A google search pulled up one for $500

2) Billet Box Mod

Billet BoX Mod

Price $179, Variable Voltage. Stainless Steel. Takes two 3.7 volt 16340 batteries

3) The Hammer Mod by Kato

Hammer Mod by Kato - Hammer e-cig mod

Takes 18350 batteries. Great Vapes. Looks like a inhaler. However, the spring inside the center pin and the firing pen are weak and you may lose voltage. Cheapest price for this mode was found at $30

4) Otto Carter Engraved Aztec

Otto Carter Engraved Aztec mod - Chi You mod

Made of Bras. Otto Carter makes different art for guns, jewelry, knives, motorcycles, etc. Going price for this is $3000 (Yikes)

5) The Pyra by Picolibri


Batteries not included. French Brank. Vape maxes at 30 watts. Prince $350

More Vape Chronicles on the way. Stay tuned. Below is a video on Vape tricks:





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