Vape Chronicles Part 8: Popular Strains People are Vaping



I was looking through some forums and found certain strains that people are vaping these days. The most current. But first a little background on Indica Cannabis Strains

A Indica Cannabis Strain is:

“A strain of marijuana that is short, usually under six feet, and have fat deep green leaves.

Indicas originate from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the surrounding areas.

The high from a quality indica strain leaves you relaxed and social.

The stronger varieties will numb your body and put you to sleep. Great for relaxation, stress relief, and couchlock.

For example: Grandaddy Purple, Afghan Kush, Grape Ape, Skywalker, and God Bud, just to name a few”


1) Cinderella 99 (Hybrid Sativa)


  • Also known as C-99
  • Super Potent
  • Mild Citrus, or Tropical Aroma
  • Sativa-dominant strain

2) Bedropurr


  • 24% THC
  • Also comes with 20% THC
  • Buds are small to medium size
  • Bedropurr is a high THC Indica variety
  • Was originally developed to extract THC for research purposes
  • Available exclusively in Canada
  • A potent alternative to the Bedrocan Sativa variety
  • Smells Earthy, pine

3) Plushberry


  • Plushberry is a cross between “Black Cherry Soda” and “Space Queen”. (Both are included in the list)
  • It is an 80% Indica strain bred by TGA Seeds (TGA seeds originally setup to make medical marijuana)
  • Plushberry induces a deep relaxation in the mind and body, with calming qualities that melt away stress
  • There are two main phenotypes of Plushberry: One that grows smaller, pink-tinted planets
  • Another with bulkier, more indica-like formations.
  • Plushberry flowers in 55 to 65 days with medium to heavy yields

4) Space Queen


  • A mixture of Romulan (Will be in the list) crossed with Cinderella 99
  • Hazy fruity taste
  • Hint of pineapple
  • A definite head high
  • Very Haze-like in it’s characteristics

5) Black Cherry Soda

  • Black Cherry Soda by TGA Genetics is an indica cannabis strain named after it’s fruity, soda-like taste
  • Has a unusually dark purple color
  • This strain spawned other TGA favorites like Black Dahlia, and Ace of Spades (To be included in the next Vape Chronicles post)
  • Despite it’s intensley indica appearance, it’s effects reach the mind and body in a balance more characteristic of hybrid strains
  • A potent medcine that hits without heavy sedation
  • Popular among patients treating severe symptoms throughout the day

6) Romulan


  • Romulan is named after the alien Star Trek Race
  • It’s a powerful indica revered for it’s potent therapeutic qualities
  • Though mostly indica, Romulan growers insist sativa genetics have crept in over time
  • Lending it intense cerebral effects
  • Romulan is a squat, pine-scented plant that produce dense frosty buds
  • It found it’s following among connoisseurs in B.C. and the Pacific Northwest
  • A deep, sedating relaxation makes Romulan a favorite strain for patients treating muscle spasms and nerve damage
  • Many hybridized variations of Romulan exist, but nearly all can promise a full body calm with heavily intoxicating properties.


Source: Leafly 

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