You can turn off your TV…with your mind

Brain Computer Interface


So, the combination of how to make this hack is a old Star Wars Force Trainer Game, which runs about $40-80 dollars. The toy was first introduced in 2009. It uses a headset with electrodes and a EEG chip. It transmits the EEG data to control a fan that blows air into a tube to make the ball float and be suspended in the air. The toy does this entire process while being helped by the voice of Yoda (Tell me about it).

The EEG chip is made from a company called Skynet…I mean NeuroSky. The PCB Designer  (Yea I had to Google that one. Printed Circuit Board) was kind enough to label the Tx/Rx pins on the board, so hooking it up with an Arudino was easy. The Tx/Rx pins are serial, and USB connectors for the Arudino.

Then the hack was able to locate both a IR LED and receiver from an old VCR to complete the hardware. After some coding (Like how they just brushed over that part) you can now control our TV by using the force…I mean your mind.

You can check the blog page of the Tinkermut (The hacker who did this) to see more info.

When you watch the video, you start to think to yourself…Tech Genius? Or possibly explosion-device attached to your dome.

Source: Hackaday

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